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Default VL-1-MIDI Installation Instructions

  • The VL-1-MIDI kit is based on the UMR kit. Because of the size of the VL-1, the UMR PCB must be housed outside of the VL-1. An enclosure is not included with the kit.
  • The VL-1-MIDI responds to MIDI notes 55-83.

PCB Assembly
Follow the UMR assembly instructions for "scan high" configuration.

DIP Switch Settings
SW1 settings are ignored. Use SW2 to specify the incoming MIDI channel as specified here.

Connection points between the UMR and VL-1 are shown in the images below. Connect the following lines from the UMR circuit board to the VL-1:
  • "DC IN" GND and 5V
  • Select In 1-6 (S1-S6 in diagram)
  • Data Out 1-6 (D1-D6 in diagram)

VL-1 PCB, Left Side

VL-1 PCB, Right Side

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