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Default My VL 1 retrofit

Hi all.

I've finally finished adding MIDI to my VL 1 so I thought I'd put up a post with links to pics of my setup in case it's useful to other folks...


First off the kit works great so thanks highly liquid!

As the kit has to be housed in a break out box. I decided to use a DB25 to connect the two, that way I can unplug the MIDI box and still fit the VL1 into it's leatherette case, and use the unplugged Vl1 as normal.

I also have the future option of adding 1/4 inch jack out to the midi box, and perhaps a pitch bend pot and body contact - anyone done this?

The MIDI box has Led's for pwr and activity and I added an on/off switch (to stop power drain an avoid the Asdr calc issue found by another poster)

The only thing I'd say is that space is MEGA tight inside so I'd recommend thinking through your routing carefully. My casing closed nicely and I have functionality of all the keyboard, although I've still got a couple of keys that aren't quite as responsive as they could be - and could be fine tuned with slightly different wiring.

Can't bare to open it up again tho as I'm having so much fun with it...!

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Hi Neal, it looks great--nice work! I'll be sure to include this in the next user project blog post. Thanks for posting this.

What model enclosure did you use/where did you get it?

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the enclosure was LH22Y from Maplin

it seemed to fit the PCB +db25 cable nicely whilst still having a bit of to add things...
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