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Default Some MPA abuse in the name of science

I finally had a free day where I could work this hardware mod that's been on my queue for some time. I have this old rack synth (Yamaha TX-816) that is effectively 8 DX-7's in a rack. They have primitive MIDI control over the synths and you can dump and save patches and such. Each card has it's own MIDI in and out, but there's also a common MIDI In/Out on the front panel. Ideally, you'd hook up an editor/librarian and dump and edit patches across all 8 cards with ease.

The problem is, you need to manually select which card is using the MIDI Out port by pressing a button on the front panel to cycle through each of the cards. As long as you're only dumping data in, that's not a problem, but if you're trying to edit on the box, you'll want to pull back the current patch and possibly other data as well.

Adding an MPA board to gain MIDI control over that pushbutton seemed like a good idea, and this afternoon, I had time to make it happen.

I basically only needed 1 logic gate of the MPA and I already had a regulated +5 volt source, so there's still lots of parts in the bag...

The details and pix are here: TX-816 mod.

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